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About us

DTM Spares was started by Deon Troskie in 2010.  He has 22 years experience in all makes of vehicle and LDV parts. He has learned from the best in well established companies.  He decided to venture into starting his own business.  The main task of DTM Spares is customer service and supplying of new and used spares but as the business grew, there were demands on recon of differentials and gearboxes on light and heavy duty vehicles.


DTM Spares is RMI approved with a large customer base. 


DTM Spares has a workshop for recons on light and heavy duty gearboxes as well as a yard for all new and used vehicle, truck and LDV spares.



We want to provide exceptional value to our customers at every opportunity and strive to exceed their expectations whenever possible.  To that end, we hire and retain people who have high personal work standards and who are committed to quality, competency, accountability, innovation, leadership and teamwork.  We work to develop exceptional product knowledge and we maintain respect for each other, our customers, suppliers and competitors.



        To achieve the esteem of our customers and competitors.

         To grow the company and capacity thereof develop new talent and expertise.

         Employ well knowledgeable people to participate in the company.




         We take pride in our work.

        Provide service that is of a high and consistent quality.

         Establish ourselves as a caring and responsible company.

         Provide stable and pleasant environment for all our employees.

         Keep in touch with technological developments that render our services and products superior to that of our competitors.


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